Sope Dirisu Interview

18 02 2012

FightForTheYard has secured the thoughts of Birmingham Lions star quarterback Sope Dirisu on the eve of the first Football America UK Bowl.

The clash between the Birmingham Lions and Loughborough Aces is itself worthy of a Championship game but on Saturday 19th February, the winner of this conference brawl will be in pole position and favourites for an assault at national glory.

Birmingham Lions Quarterback Sope Dirisu

One of the men hoping to be on the winning team is veteran quarterback and team president Sope Dirisu.

Dirisu has been left frustrated by the postponement of recent games but is excited to finally be playing again, “I’m really psyched and looking forward to the Loughborough game. Having had two of our games in the run up to this one called off, the whole team is just raring to go, eager for a game and wanting to properly get back to football”.

Playing at the quarterback position, the spotlight is always going to be on you and some players either rise or crumble under the pressure, Dirisu thankfully has another quarterback who can carry some of that burden and expectation, Jonny Glover.

Glover sounds like he should be in an American television show like ‘Friday Night Lights’ but Dirisu is adamant that he has no qualms about the rotation system currently in use in Birmingham.

“We have a motto at the Lions which is ‘Always Compete’ and I guess we’ve been competing with each other since preseason. It provides great competition between the two of us and I think we play better when we know the other is nipping at our heels and if it makes us better, it makes the team better”.

Dirisu focused during practise

“The competition doesn’t hinder our friendship at all, Jonny’s a great guy. With this being my last year with the Lions, I know the team is in great hands with Jonny and our new Rookie Alex ‘Flacco’ Wake-Warlow under centre”.

Without beating around the bush, the two teams on show today are the ‘crème de la crème’ of the Midland Athletic Conference and it promises to be a tight, physical encounter.

“Loughborough are clearly one of our greater rivals in the BUAFL and I’ve never played a mediocre or lacklustre game against them and I’m sure that this will be no different. They’re a great side with some talented ‘ballers’ and always provide a stiff competition”.

Dirisu is respectful of the competition but ultimately expects his troops to get the job done, “Without being biased and having looked at the way my guys have trained I see plenty of desire and their attitude towards preparing for the game has been great. I know we’ll be more than a match for the Aces”.

Whatever the outcome, it is set up to be one hell of a game.

FightForTheYard will be delivering a full match report in due course.




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