Good Job – 2012 NFL Draft Analysis

30 04 2012

One of the most exciting and hotly anticipated times of the year on the NFL calendar is over and as usual it has created rigorous debate amongst fans as to who got their man and who has drafted a potential bust.

FightForTheYard takes a look at the teams that improved their chances ahead of the new season;

Arizona Cardinals

Michael Floyd, WR

Arizona produced one of the shocks of the first round with the addition of wide receiver Michael Floyd. The significance of this pick is huge as it means defences across the league will have to focus on two quality wide outs instead of all the planning going into, ‘how to stop Larry Fitzgerald’.

The addition of THREE tackles, Bobbie Massie from Mississippi being the stand out one, means the Cardinals have addressed a big need in a big way. Quarterback Ryan Lindley was taken in the 6th round and will apply some pressure to the faltering Kevin Kolb.

Staffordshire Surge lineman Tom Donlan, 22, is pleased with the weekend’s outcome.

“Michael Floyd is the one I wanted an we went out and got him. I believe Massie will be a steal in the fourth round and it’s good to see some competition at the quarterback position”.

FightForTheYard Draft Grade : B-

San Francisco 49ers

LaMichael James, RB

San Fran entered the draft with a team already capable of launching an assault on the division title and quite possibly the Super Bowl. With their first selection they acquired wide receiver A.J. Jenkins from Illinois. Jenkins was a surprise selection considering Randle and Hill remained on the board and the fact that the 49ers had already strengthened this position in the offseason with Randy Moss and Mario Manningham joining the team.

A selection I loved was the capture of Oregon running back LaMichael James in the second round. Not much was said about this kid going into the draft process, even though he had a massive year in college. The signing of James now means the 49ers can call upon either Gore, Bradshaw or LaMichael to improve that offense that struggled a little bit in 2011/12.

As for the remaining selections, the 49ers addressed some needs in the secondary and picked up defensive end Cam Johnson in the 7th round, which will have delighted defensive co-ordinator Vic Fangio.

FightForTheYard Draft Grade : B+

St Louis Rams

Janoris Jenkins, CB

At the end of the first round I was left wondering how the Rams had traded out of the second overall position all the way back to No. 14? I wasn’t the only one, Super Bowl MVP and former Rams quarterback Kurt Warner displayed his frustration on Twitter, (I mention this because I got a reply from him, no big deal.)

With the first round pick the Rams took defensive tackle Michael Brockers out of LSU. The second round was where things got interesting. With the first of three picks the Rams gave Sam Bradford a weapon, aptly name receiver Brian Quick. With the second selection they grabbed troubled cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

We all know that Jenkins could do with a bit of counselling but their is no doubt when it comes to his footballing skills that he is a top talent. Following Jenkins was Iasaiah Pead, a future replacement for aging running back Steven Jackson?

Trumane Johnson was another good bit of business by new head coach Jeff Fisher as the Rams recovered from a shaky start, where they had hoped to draft Justin Blackmon before the Jaguars traded up to get him.

FightForTheYard Draft Grade : A-

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mark Barron, SS

Tampa had a disasterous season last year but made some good signings during free agency and have continued to take strides in the right direction with this year’s draft.

Trading back two places in the 1st round did not hurt them as they secured the top safety, Mark Barron with their first pick. Towards the end of the round the Bucs managed trade back in to secure the second best running back in the draft, Doug Martin. Great business.

Outside linebacker Lavonte David followed in the 2nd round with a potential game changer in Najee Goode helping to improve the Tampa defence.

Brilliant weekend for the Buccaneers


FightForTheYard Draft Grade : A*

New England Patriots

Dont’a Hightower, ILB

The Patriots decided to trade down and collect extra picks for the later rounds… is what I was going to say but amazingly completely the opposite occurred.

New England traded up to get pass rusher Chandler Jones with their first pick and then aggravated the Ravens by pinching Dont’a Hightower from underneath their noses.

Defence was a problem at Foxborough last year even though they did make it all the way to the Super Bowl, but still, the first two picks in this draft will improve them considerably.

Alfonso Denard was chosen in the final round, a first round talent with off the field issues, should Belichick sort him out, the Patriots have a quality cornerback on the roster.

New England fan Alex Morse likes what they have been able to do; “I’m just happy we got the guy with the best name in the draft.

FightForTheYard Draft Grade : B+

Pittsburgh Steelers

Alameda Ta’amu, NT

The Steelers have had nothing short of a remarkable draft. Two future Pro Bowl linemen in guard David DeCastro and tackle Mike Adams will help keep big Ben on his feet, where he belongs.

Sean Spence’s tape speaks for itself at linebacker and a big presence on the inside with Alameda Ta’amu adds another piece to the puzzle of this great defence.

Running back Chris Rainey has been spoken in the same breath of La Micheal James and Lamar Miller and if he can produce the numbers I believe the other two can, then Pittsburgh will be rockin’ and rollin’.

Steelers fan Julian Myles, 22, believes the team is stronger than ever; “Potentially we have two sensational linemen to protect the quarterback and a nose tackle that can learn from veteran Casey Hampton.

“All in all we have filled our gaps and I cannot wait for the season to be underway in September”.

FightForTheYard Draft Grade : A

Cincinnati Bengals

Mohammed Sanu, WR

The Bengals did all they could to cement themselves as a playoff team for years to come with some shrewd investments in this year’s draft.

The selection of Dre Kirkpatrick improves what is already a good defence operating without the big named players of divisional rivals, Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

Defensive tackles Devon Still and Brandon Thompson are solid signings that will stop the run and leave Kirkpatrick to dominate the passing game.

Mohammed Sanu was the victim of a hoax phone call claiming Cincinnati required his services but ironically a day later, the Bengals did come calling and he could be the man to take some of the pressure off current receiver A.J. Green.

I really like what the Bengals did this year.


FightForTheYard Draft Grade : A*

Bad Job – 2012 NFL Draft Analysis

29 04 2012

One of the most exciting and hotly anticipated times of the year on the NFL calendar is over and as usual it has created rigorous debate amongst fans as to who got their man and who has drafted a potential bust.

FightForTheYard takes a look at how these teams did little to improve their chances ahead of the new season;

Seattle Seahawks

Bruce Irvin, DE

Seattle began with the reach of the first round, (If you don’t count the Miami – Tannehill deal), in selecting a red flag guy in Bruce Irvin. Described as the most natural pass rushers in the draft, few had him going in the first round and most definitely did not have him going to Seattle at No. 15. Head coach Pete Carroll has took a gamble, one I hope he is not remembered for if it all goes wrong.

A solid selection of Bobby Wagner at inside linebacker followed and then came another random pick, Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson. As most will know Seattle signed Aaron Rodgers back up Matt Flynn during free agency, so why have they taken a rookie in the 3rd round?

Wilson is a quality player but the Seahawks had glaring needs at receiver and their pass rushing leaves something to be desired.

Seattle fan and Staffordshire Stallion Michael Gill believes that Irvin will need to impress to get the fans onside; “The pick of Irvin is a risky one, I just hope he is as good as they say he is. I am pleased with the captures of Wagner and running back Robert Turbin, they are solid signings”.

FightForTheYard Draft Grade : C-

Green Bay Packers

Nick Perry, DE

The Packers have a quality player in almost every position… apart from running back. This area needed strengthening and they had plenty of options available to them but for some reason they decided against drafting a game changer in the backfield.

Another position of need to them was on defence, take away Clay Matthews and you don’t have a pass rush. While this was addressed, did they select the right players? In my opinion, no.

Nick Perry is inconsistent and can go missing while Jerel Worthy isn’t going to get you ten sacks a season.

One fan however believes they have done a good enough job, Nathan Sinclair of the Oxford Saints says; “Overall I am pleased because we took Jerron McMillian who should replace Nick Collins and hopefully B.J. Coleman can learn behind Rodgers”.

FightForTheYard Draft Grade : C-

Denver Broncos

Brock Osweiler, QB

Denver signed Peyton Manning during free agency if you did not already know so trading out of the 1st round completely could have had something to do with trying to afford the great man’s wages. Who knows?

When they did finally select a player they chose Derek Wolfe, who I here you say? Exactly.

One selection which I do agree with is that of 6’7″ quarterback Brock Osweiler who will study Peyton Manning for the next three years and then hope to become the tallest starter at Mile High in Broncos’ history.

FightForTheYard Draft Grade : D


Washington Redskins

I am just as surprised to be writing about the Redskins in this article as you are reading about them, after all they did draft a future star quarterback in Robert Grifin III, but what else did they do?

Robert Griffin III, QB

Not a great deal. A few offensive lineman who don’t have the greatest of reviews followed before the confusing selection of another rookie quarterback in Kirk Cousins.

Washington has cut it’s other quarterbacks leaving them bare but why draft another rookie? How is he going to help when Griffin gets hurt? He is hardly a carbon copy of RG3. Most of all I feel sorry for Cousins as he is a good quarterback who is now going to have to sit behind a franchise player until his contract comes to a halt in four years time.

FightForTheYard Draft Grade : C

Oakland Raiders

Christo Bilukidi, OL

The Raiders sacrificed some of their picks for current quarterback Carlson Palmer and the jury is still out on that one. Once they did finally get going it was too late to pick up any ground breaking talent although that is not how Raiders fanatic Alex Seddon sees things.

“I came into the draft not expecting a huge amount, and left pleasantly surprised at what the new regime managed to achieve. Bergstrom is a big mauling tackle who’ll kick inside to left guard and sit in the trenches next to Wisniewski and Brisiel. The majority of the picks were on defence, with only big possession receiver Juron Criner coming into the offensive side of things.

The front seven were beefed up and I like the potential in the defensive linemen who both went ignored for different reasons. Crawford is a big physical English lad who needs to learn the game more, whereas Bilukidi is the first player ever drafted from Georgia State, and even NFL Network didn’t have footage! Overall, it’s a good start and things are looking up for the Silver and Black”.

FightForTheYard Draft Grade : C+

Mike Carlson Exclusive

26 04 2012

If Mike Carlson was in this year’s NFL Draft, he would have a battle on his hands to even be selected, never mind worrying about where he would land.

This is by no means an attack on an internationally coveted football broadcaster and journalist, but merely the thoughts of the great man himself.

Mike Carlson

“Hahaha I don’t think there would be much call for a 195 pound tightend who can’t run fast or block well”, in reference to his playing days at Wesleyan College.

These days you’ll see Mike Carlson hosting Channel 4’s ‘Sunday Night Football’ show, similar to his role on Channel Five’s coverage of the sport.

“The Channel 4 job followed on from my previous role at Channel 5, it’s the same production company that makes the shows and they hired me when they first started NFL.

It was good for me because Sky had just let me go, without telling me, but the Sunday/Monday games went to Five and I moved from the host to the analyst role, which made more sense”

Mike has earned himself a cult following after using some peculiar phrases during his analyses. Lines such as; ‘The Bush you can support’ in reference to Reggie Bush and former President George W. Bush and the New Jersey Giants (New York Giants’ home stadium is in nearby New Jersey, not New York) have gone down well with the viewers when commentating on football.

“It all started from doing those minute and a bit highlights of Sunday’s games for our Monday night shows on Channel 5. I needed to do something other than just recite who was scoring or what, so I started improvising and thankfully the producers loved and encouraged it.

When asked what he enjoys most about presenting live on television; “It’s the challenge of saying something meaningful and entertaining ad-lib, with a producer talking in your ear, and the host looking at you like you’re crazy”.

We know that Mike is on the television now but where did it all begin for him, who ignited his passion for football? Predictably, it was his father, like so many before and after him, a father’s influence is greater than a small boy’s desire.

“I grew up with football, my dad played that and ice hockey in high school. He played against Levi Jackson in the Hillhouse versus West Haven thanksgiving game in front of 25,000 fans in the Yale Bowl.

He also played a year at University of Connecticut, where he came up against NFL Hall of Fame Andy Robustelli at Arnold College, (that was his claim to fame). He took me to the Yale versus Connecticut game when I was five, my grandad used to work there, and we saw almost every Yale home game from the time I was six until I started playing in high school”.

Mike Carlson

If anybody ‘follows’ Mike Carlson on social networking site Twitter, they will know that he is quite opinionated and seems undeterred by outside influences, something he displayed when turning down a scholarship at the renowned University of Pennsylvania.

“I went to Wesleyan University, a division three college that has since produced Bill Belichick and Eric Mangini, whilst turning down a scholarship from the University of Pennsylvania, mostly because I wanted to play lacrosse again and Penn wanted me to lift weights and get up to 225 pounds and play defensive end or linebacker. I wound up playing defensive end in a 4-4 defence and a split end on offense, (which was my dream) on Wesleyan’s freshman team which had 18 guys on it. I played tight end on the varsity for three years, the first of which we went unbeaten and won the Lambert Cup”.

After realising he wasn’t going to make it as a professional player, Mike took up a career in journalism.

“I was always writing, I did some on the papers in high school and college and a few freelance things while I lived in Montreal, getting an masters at McGill University, (I turned down the chance to try out for the Redmen, but played a lot of very competitive basketball in the gym with their team).

When I came to London I tried to get a journalism job and the editor of UPI liked me, but couldn’t give me a job thankfully he recommended me to UPITN, a television news agency they ran with ITN. The rest was history…I became their sports editor, went to ABC Sports, and then to Major League Baseball Intl”.

As any journalist will know, the small interviews are fine and pleasant but we are all in the business to capture that exclusive or big name. Mike is no exception and he has interviewed NFL royalty.

“In the NFL my best interview was with Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys owner), who didn’t like that I contradicted him and then there was Al Davis (former Oakland Raiders owner), who appreciated that I didn’t contradict him.

In the NFL Europe days, I loved the way coaches and players were so approachable and open. Jack Bicknell, Jim Criner and Ray Wollsey taught me so much about the game, I really miss those days. I loved the feeling when we set up to interview Aaron Stecker in New Orleans and he came in and looked at me and said, ‘you still doing this shit?’ and I replied, ‘you too? mines a lot easier”.

Moving on to football in the United Kingdom, Mike is of the view that football participation will only remain amongst the diehards.

“I believe football over here is reasonably big as an attraction; we’ve got a great product both live and on television, but as a participant sport it’s always going to be a long shot, partly because of entrenched sports as competition but more because the sport is so time, money, and technology intensive…you can’t just give them a ball and play in the street and then play virtually the same game as the pros”.

He is however more upbeat about the NFL International Series which will return in October of this year.

“I love it, and I think it’s a forward-looking idea. You wouldn’t see the English Premier League do something like that. It has its limits but I’d like to see one neutral site game for each team, every year, played overseas”.

Mike Carlson

Mike was brave enough to give FightForTheYard some predictions ahead of the 2012 NFL Draft and upcoming season;

Q) Moving on to the upcoming NFL Draft, who do you think will make the biggest reach?

You mean like the Atlanta and Julio Jones scenario? We’ve already seen the winners in that contest: Washington!

Q) Who do you like the look of more, Luck or RG3?

“I liked Luck in 2010, when I did Notre Dame versus Stanford, as much as any quarterback I’ve seen in years as an NFL prospect. What’s interesting to me is that he would have been a perfect fit for the Manning system at Indy, but who knows what their new attack will be like. RG3, I’ve seen only in the bowl game, but he’s got talent, and seems like a great fit for Shanahan, though his track record with developing quarterbacks isn’t that great”.

Q) If you were the St Louis Rams GM, what would you have done with the 2nd overall pick in the draft?

“Exactly what they did, I’d love to see them land Kalil, but they won’t, and I would serious consider trading down again if they got a good offer for the 6th pick”.

Q) Give me an early prediction for the next Superbowl, who do you fancy?

Who knows? Before the draft? Hmm, Randy Moss doesn’t make the 49ers favourites although I still think San Francisco and Baltimore were the best teams last season, in the sense of balance, with the Giants right behind them, but then again the Giants had a big play quarterback”.

And finally,
Q) What is next for Mike Carlson?

I’ve written a few books and I have been trying for a while to do an American football book. I would really love a radio show, a music one, a talk show, or a combo; I’d call it, ‘Old & in the Way’, just like me”.

FightForTheYard would like to thank Mike for his time and commitment to this interview.

NFL Mock Draft – Vo2

25 03 2012

#1  Indianapolis Colts – QB – Andrew Luck

#2 Washington Redskins – QB – Robert Griffin III

#3 Minnesota Vikings – OT –  Matt Kalil

#4 Cleaveland Browns – RB –  Trent Richardson

#5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – CB – Morris Claiborne

#6 St Louis Rams – WR – Justin Blackmon

#7 Jacksonville Jaguars – DE – Melvin Ingram

#8 Miami Dolphins – QB – Ryan Tannehill

#9 Carolina Panthers – DT – Dontari Poe

#10 Buffalo Bills – DE – Quinton Coples

#11 Kansas City Chiefs – ILB – Luke Kuechly

#12 Seattle Seahawks – OT – Riley Reiff

#13 Arizona Cardinals – G – David DeCastro

#14 Dallas Cowboys – CB –  Dre Kirkpatrick

#15 Philladelphia Eagles – DT – Fletcher Cox

#16 New York Jets  – DE – Whitney Mercilus

#17 Cincinatti Bengals – CB – Janoris Jenkins

#18 San Diego Chargers – WR – Michael Floyd

#19 Chicago Bears – DE – Nick Perry

#20 Tennessee Titans – DT – Michael Brockers

#21 Cincinatti Bengals – RB – Lamar Miller

#22 Cleaveland Browns – OT – Jonathan Martin

#23 Detroit Lions – CB – Stephon Gilmore

#24 Pittsburgh Steelers – T – Cordy Glenn

#25 Denver Broncos – WR – Kendall Wright

#26 Houston Texans – LB – Courtney Upshaw

#27 New England Patriots – DT – Devon Still

#28 Green Bay Packers – DE – Andre Branch

#29 Baltimore Ravens – ILB – Dont’a Hightower

#30 San Francisco 49ers – WR – Stephen Hill

#31 New England Patriots – RB – David Wilson

#32 New York Giants – TE – Coby Fleener


NFL Mock Draft 2012: Round 1

15 03 2012

This is my very first attempt at an NFL Mock Draft. It is probably all wrong but you never know…

#1 Indianapolis Colts

The Colts hold the number one pick and use it to strengthen their secondary picking up Morris Cla … Peyton left? He hurt his neck? What about Curtis? Oh, well in that case they need a franchise quarterback and I know just the guy.

ANDREW LUCK [QB – Stanford]

#2 Washington Redskins

The Redskins have traded with the Rams and acquired the second overall pick for a hefty price, meaning they are after the second best player in the draft who also happens to be a quarterback.


#3 Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have a future Hall of Fame running back in my opinion but need someone who can open up the holes for him to run through. They also have a young quarterback who requires protection. This is a job for the best offensive lineman in the draft.


#4 Cleaveland Browns

The Browns have missed out on RG3 so they need to give current quarterback Colt McCoy some weapons, Hillis could stay meaning Trent Richardson isn’t needed, I think they go deep.


#5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa have been busy in Free Agency so far collecting Nicks [G], Wright [CB] and Jackson [WR], all to big money contracts. With needs all over the field after a dismall 2011, the Bucs would be better off selecting the best player remaining and going from there.


#6 St Louis Rams

The Rams drop back to the number six spot as a result of the Redskins trade and would have been praying that Blackmon was still left on the board, he isn’t so they go with a combine star.

DONTARI POE [DT – Memphis]

#7 Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags signed what they thought was their franchise quarterback in Blaine Gabbert last year but he was thrown around like a ragdoll too many times, they could try and protect him with Reiff but I say they reach for a quarterback, again.


#8 Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins need a franchise quarterback but they’ll get that sorted in free agency with either Matt Flynn or number 18 filling the void. What they do need is a pass rusher and this guy will give them that.

MELVIN INGRAM [DE – S. Carolina]

#9 Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are sorted on offense for the most part but the defence needs some looking at, they’ll address that in this draft.

DEVON STILL [DT – Penn State]

#10 Buffalo Bills

The Bills fell away last year largely down to the fact they conceded too many points. Marcel Dareus improved the defence but they need someone alongside him to make a big difference.


#11 Kansas City Chiefs

The unfashionable Chiefs, suffered with injuries last season to key players early on. They could do with some help up front..


#12 Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are an up and coming team who could gatecrash the playoffs if they recruit well. They don’t have the best set of linebackers so I think they’ll strengthen there.

LUKE KUECHLY [LB – Boston College]

#13 Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals could do with improving everywhere but I don’t know where they will improve so I’m going for a pick that I’d like to see them make.


#14 Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have the talent but fail to produce year in year out. They have released veteran cornerback Terrance Newman and will most likely replace him with someone fresh.


#15 Philladelphia Eagles

The ‘Dream Team’ failed to live up to their pre-season billing last year but finished on a high. They could use a bit of help on the inside so I see them going for ..


#16 New York Jets

Mark Sanchez is under immense pressure in the goldfish bowl that is New York City (or New Jersey if you want to be specific) and with no running game as such to aid his survival, he’s fighting a losing battle. LaDainian Tomlinson could be departing, so I am going for a big one here.


#17 Cincinatti Benglas

The Bengals first pick of this round will allow them to strengthen their secondary with the acquisition of …


#18 San Diego Chargers

The Chargers have underachieved for a long time and they’ll be no closer to a Superbowl with the loss of receiver Vincent Jackson, so they must replace him to stay in the playoff hunt.


#19 Chicago Bears

The Bears did need a receiver before they added Brandon Marshall in a trade with the Dolphins, so now their attention switches to the offensive line.


#20 Tennessee Titans

Tennessee have lost Cortland Finnegan to the Rams through free agency, so a replacement is paramount. Yet a defensive lineman is even more crucial at the moment so they go with …

FLETCHER COX [DT – Mississippi St]

#21 Cincinatti Bengals

Pick number two for the Bengals will please the fans as the out-going Cedric Benson will be replaced by …


#22 Cleaveland Browns

The Browns also throw their second dart at the board and this time they will try to improve their linebackers with the signing of …

ZACH BROWN [OLB – N.Carolina]

#23 Detroit Lions

The Lions have signed ‘Megatron’ to a giant 7-year-deal but have been left short at cornerback after Eric Wright signed for the Buccaneers.


#24 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are aging and could do with an upgrade in the trenches.

CORDY GLENN [T – Georgia]

#25 Denver Broncos

The Broncos are after Peyton Manning and should they get him, it will change the entire philosophy of the Broncos draft. For now I’m going to call it as if they still have the enigma that is Tim Tebow under centre. They need another option on offence.

COBY FLEENER [TE – Stanford]

#26 Houston Texans

The Texans loook like they’ve lost their star man, Mario Williams to free agency so a cheaper replacement is in order but that will have to wait as centre Chris Myers looks to be on his way out of Texas also.

PETER KONZ [C – Wisconsin]

#27 New England Patriots

The Patriots made the Superbowl last season, again, but they allowed teams to put too many yards on them. With Anderson’s return in doubt, a pass rusher is required.


#28 Green Bay Packers

The Packers defence lost its ‘umph’ last year as Clay Matthews was a marked man, so the need for a pass rusher to occupy the minds of the offence is much needed.


#29 Baltimore Ravens

Ray Lewis isn’t getting any younger and sooner or later the Ravens are going to need to address this situation, although they will be lucky if this guy is still on the board.


#30 San Francisco 49ers

The 49er’s have lossed Ginn and Morgan, two legitimate receivers who can change games. They will need replacing.


#31 New England Patriots

The Pats will select a tight end with their second pick lol, jk they need to strengthen the defence some more and will do this with the selection of …


#32 New York Giants

The final pick of the first round lies with the defending Superbowl champions who because of injury are short at the tight end position. I reckon they’ll address this.


Kevin Cadle Exclusive

6 03 2012

Most people reading this will associate the name Kevin Cadle with American Football and Sky Sports. I did. Did you know that the, ‘Let’s get back to the ball game’ guy, is actually in the Guinness Book of Records for … Basketball? Say what?

Kevin Cadle in the Sky Sports studio

Kevin Cadle grew up in Buffalo, New York and lived across the street from the Buffalo Bills former home, the War Memorial stadium where they played from 1960-72. Living so close to his home town team’s ground is the reason Kevin is an avid Bills follower today.

His favourite player was Joe Namath, “He brought ‘cool’ into the NFL and his Jets beating the Colts was what made the NFL as we know it. Jim brown was also ‘ma man’ as he was my introduction to football, the Cleveland Browns games came on TV every Sunday in Buffalo”.

Kevin’s unwavering support for the Bills, has led to much banter and ridicule from fellow commentators and fans on the Sky Sports show, but he is adamant the future is bright.

“As far as the Bills go the only way is up! It’s about securing competent talent. I think they have the right people to evaluate players that can be successful in their system, I hope”.

As I mentioned Kevin Cadle is renowned basketball coach, so how did he get into it?

“Growing up I was a bigger football fan than basketball, I eventually gravitated to basketball as I attended high school and won many honours on the basketball court which paved the way for me to attend Penn State on a scholarship. But still football was the sport I enjoyed watching the most”.

If Kevin was an aspiring player today, given his love for basketball, he would more than likely be aiming for a shot at the tight end position on a team’s roster. The almost forgotten position in the past has been lit up by the arrival of players such as Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham, both successful basketball players in college.

Saints TE Jimmy Graham

The ideal tight end in today’s National Football League is an all round player. They need to be tall enough to create mismatches in the passing game, strong enough to work as an interior blocker and quick enough to offer a deep passing option.

Kevin however grew up playing wide receiver in his local junior league, so would this middle-aged man consider a return to the field, maybe in the British senior leagues?


Okay, so maybe he isn’t up for that but who can blame him, after the coaching career and persona he assembled in the British Basketball leagues, he probably deserves to put his feet up.

Looking at Kevin’s coaching record and accolades; you wonder why he never chose or had the opportunity to step up to the big time in America?

I’ll give you a rundown of some of his achievements;

  • English League Champions 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1996
  • BBL play-off Champions 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1997
  • BBL Cup Winners 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991
  • BBL Trophy Winners 1996, 1997
  • Scottish Cup Winners 1984, 1985
  • Scottish Play-Off Champions 1984, 1985
  • English Cup Champions 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1996
  • World Invitation Club Tournament Champions 1990, 1992

  • Scottish Coach of the Year 1984, 1985
  • English Coach of the Year 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1996
  • Scottish Men’s National Team Head Coach 1984, 1985
  • English Men’s National Team Head Coach 1991-1993
  • GB Men’s Head Coach 1991-1992

Kevin Cadle with ex-professional Cory McGee

  • Placed in the Guinness Book of records as “Most Successful Team Ever in British Sport” – 1989/1990
  • British record of more than 300 career league victories.
  • Voted into the “Top 50 Most Influential Sportsperson” in Britain 1996
  • Final grouping of the European Club Champions Cup – First Time Ever in Britain 1990/1991 Season: Ranked Number 6 in Europe
  • Final grouping of the European Cup Winners Cup – 1987

When Kevin looks back on his achievements, he does so with pride, not with any needless airs and graces.

“Winning a coaching award just said to me that I did my job right. I can’t say if any achievements stand out more than the others, they all meant that I did the job I was hired to do.

Winning my first trophy in Falkirk and winning my last trophy with the London Towers will always be big memories but being the only British team ever to earn a place in the final grouping of the Euro League is a proud, proud memory”.

Anyway, back to the real reason the title of this article intrigued you so much. Kevin is of course the face of Sky Sports NFL, our only legitmate source of football, a position he has held for a number of years on a format which is ever changing.

Sat alongside him on a regular basis is Neil Reynolds and former Eagles fullback Cecil Martin, a formula that Kevin likes.

“Firstly they, like all the other guys who join us on the show are great people, but I think that my comfort level is at its highest when Neil and Cecil are the guests as their personalities are direct opposites, which always makes for interesting times”.

While the rest of us are busy watching the game, the studio is a hub of activity, ” I have to write down each play and I also start looking ahead to what I want to discuss the next time the producer asks us to fill the commercial break, it’s all go, go, go”.

William Perry

Kevin recalls a show he and former analyst Nick Halling were hosting, and legendary defensive lineman William Perry was his guest.

“We had William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry on the show but for the full game neither Nick nor I could understand a thing he was saying, although we did understand the story on how he lost his front teeth because his cousin shot them out with a bb gun”.

NFL International Series

The NFL International series is set to return once again in October and it is one of Kevin’s favourite times of the year, although he is unsure whether we will ever have a team of our own?

“I think it’s great that we can see a real game every year and hopefully that number will increase. I don’t know if I buy that a team will eventually call Britain home, at least not in next 10 years. I am still looking for another high scoring game like the Saints and Chargers encounter.

I love looking at the same scene each game as the thousands of fans walk up Wembley way with all the different teams represented”.

Kevin Cadle Life Coaching

“I really enjoy having the opportunity of helping someone reach their potential in life. I wish I had acquired this skill when I was a coach as I am sure it would have helped me a lot”.

FightForTheYard would like to extend it’s thanks to Kevin Cadle for agreeing to this interview.

Neil Reynolds Exclusive

13 02 2012
“They don’t even know we play, they’d actually be quite shocked! That’s their problem.”

That is the surprise admission from NFL journalist and Sky Sports analyst Neil Reynolds, 39, who believes the British game is on the right track, even if the Americans are oblivious to the fact we even play the sport at all.

Neil Reynolds with Joe Montana

Mr Reynolds was kind enough to speak to FightForTheYard and give his views on everything football.

“I got into the sport the way most people my age did, staying up late with my dad in the eighties, watching all the best teams on Channel 4. After about a year I decided I liked the San Francisco 49ers”.

Miami Dolphins Quarterback 1983-99 Dan Marino

While the 49ers led by Hall Of Fame star Joe Montana were appealing at first, they held no real place in Neil’s heart, that spot belongs to the Miami Dolphins. When asked why he chose the Dolphins Neil could only laugh, “I like a good quarterback”. As most of you will know, Miami was home to one of the best quarterbacks of all time, Dan Marino but in more recent times players such as Matt Moore and Chad Henne have held that position and on the whole, failed.

“Obviously we’re not doing very well at the moment but Marino stood out for me and has to be my favourite player of all time. I believe the quarterback position to be the hardest in the NFL, so respect to those guys that do it”.

Having admiration for the position, Reynolds can only admire the great work that newly crowned league MVP Aaron Rodgers has done in Green Bay, “I love to watch great quarterbacks play football and this guy is special. Green Bay have a lot of weapons and are brilliant to watch at the minute”.

Watching the game is all very well and good but to fully appreciate and understand what a player is thinking, you have to have experienced the hard hitting and ferocious nature of play which Neil has.

Starting out with the Medway Mustangs in 1991, Neil played as wide receiver before moving on a year later to the Invicta Eagles where he spent four years as a tight end and kicker, a position he would hold at every team he played for.

After leaving the Eagles at the end of the 1996 season, Reynolds moved to the Kent Exiles where he would finish his playing career before being offered a job at NFL Europe.

“Again I played tight end and kicker but I also had a go at defensive end which I was awful at, I couldn’t tackle at all but loved trying to get at the quarterback. I liked to be tackled for some strange reason so that is why I was mainly on offence. My favourite tight end was Mark Bavaro of the Giants in the 80’s, the picture of him running twenty yards with three men on his back is still etched into my memory”.

Only last year Neil was offered the chance to return to the Exiles for their 21st year Anniversary, an invitation he was pleased to accept, “I went back for the anniversary and was inducted to the All Star Team ring of honour as a tight end which was great”.

One thing Neil doesn’t miss about his playing days are the aches and pains from playing a hard game, “When I was younger I would ache for a day or two afterwards but as I got older I would ache until the following Friday, that wasn’t fun”.

“I do miss being part of a team though, that was probably the most enjoyable part of the whole experience, being in the locker room before the game, getting psyched up and then the elation or despair afterwards. To enjoy it you really have to love the game”.

So the question is how did the kicker for the Invicta Eagles come to write for NFL UK and co-present on Sky Sports?

“I always had a fascination with journalism at school and at age 14 I decided that’s what I want to do, so I did”

As most aspiring journalists will know, getting a gig for a company like the NFL requires a lot of hard work, “I did a week’s work experience at First Down magazine in 1991 which was brilliant and I continued to work with them by freelancing and covering the London Monarchs game’s in the 1991/92 season”.

“From there I worked for the Kent Messenger and literally started off as the tea boy, it wasn’t pretty but it was necessary, I’d cut out the stories I had written and stick them in a scrapbook and by 1996 I was fully qualified journalist, visiting flower shows to write about the goings on in the flower world”.

Neil’s tea making days were firmly behind him when he got his first big break, “I became a reporter for First Down magazine and I did that for three years, I loved it, writing about football was what I had always wanted to do. One day I received a call offering me the position of PR Manager at I was so pleased to be headhunted for the position”.

“I was there from 2000/02, I enjoyed it a lot. I also helped to launch NFL UK, so overall it was a fun job”.

Neil Reynolds with co-presenter Kevin Cadle

Currently Neil writes for NFL UK and is also a permanent fixture on the Sky Sports NFL shows. “I love the job that I am doing at the moment, maybe one day I’ll take Rich Eisen’s place on the NFL Network, I have the hair for it anyway”, he says jokingly.

“When doing this job you can’t please everybody and I’m aware of some criticism but at the end of the day I’m being paid to watch football and talk about it on television so I’m not too bothered”.

Taking a trip across the pond is another perk to the job, “I get to visit America for around two weeks of the year as part of my role, which isn’t as much as I’d like obviously, but it’s still more than most. I go for a week during training camp and then I go again for Superbowl week which is manic”.

International Series 2010

Since 2007 the NFL International Series has been played at Wembley Stadium giving hope to the idea of having a London based NFL franchise, something which Neil is backing, “I think it is definitely a possibility especially with Roger Goodell as commissioner of the league, he really wants it to happen”.

“Part of the business plan is to have a team play multiple games in the UK and see how they connect with the fans. It could take ten years or so to develop but it would be fantastic”.

With the recent news that the St Louis Rams will take on the New England Patriots next year and then return for another two years it seems the Rams are that team.

Continuing with the British game, Neil spoke favourably about the work being done in this country to raise the profile and standard of the game.

“The game over here is growing and growing and that is a great thing. It is probably helped by the Wembley game being such a big event which in turn has increased participation at both university and senior league level”.

He continued; “I’d love to see more of our players make it over to the States and receive scholarships at colleges but the reality of it is playing in BUAFL is the best it is ever going to get for many but that shouldn’t detract how valuable an experience it is. To the players padding up with friends means everything to them and they give it their all which I think is brilliant”.

San Francisco 49ers Quarterback 1979-92 Joe Montana

Being a journalist, Neil has interviewed plenty of famous faces but his most treasured moment came a couple of years ago when by chance he came face to face with NFL Royalty, Joe Montana.

“I was in California and had a spare day to myself; I knew Joe Montana lived close by so I thought I’d ring his agent asking for an interview. He said he’d ask Joe so I thought nothing of it thinking that would be that. Not long after I received permission to go to Joe’s house and speak with him. I nervously made my way over to his house and he gave me a guided tour while telling me stories. I spent an hour there and got the interview, it has to go down as one of the greatest and most surreal moments of my life, I had to pinch myself afterwards”.

When asked who he would like to interview most out of the current crop of football stars the answer was instant.

“Ray Lewis, it has to be Ray. He is so intense and fascinating; he can get a little carried away but what a character”.

If Neil could be in Roger Goodell’s hot seat for just one day he would change only two things, “Coaching time outs drive me crazy, if you’re losing by more than two touchdowns in the 4th quarter then what’s the point? It slows the game down and puts new fans off”.

Another rule change that would be implemented is the victory celebration;”Why is it okay for the Packers to jump into the crowd and perform the ‘Lambeau Leap’ but Chad Ochocinco gets pulled up for a silly dance? I agree pulling mobile phones out of goal posts is too far but let them enjoy the moment”.

Chad Ochocinco

All this talk of celebrations reminded Neil of a time when he scored a touchdown and went a little bit too far, “When I used to play, one of my coaches used to make us run up this steep hill in training as a punishment, so one time I scored a touchdown and the hill was positioned by the end zone so I ran to the top, put my hands on my hips like Superman or something and had the whole offensive line running up after me, it was hilarious”.

FightForTheYard would like to thank Neil Reynolds for offering his time and commitment to this interview.