Staffordshire Surge Season Preview

12 04 2012

The Staffordshire Surge have created an unwanted image of being a ‘pub team’ in recent years, but all that is about to change as an influx of coaches and fresh ideas aim to rejuvenate this stuttering programme.

The Surge will compete in the BAFANL Central Division Two in 2012 and expectation is high, something which has been absent in recent times. The season opener against the newly reformed Crewe Railroaders will be a test to see how far the team has come in the offseason in what is anticipated to be a highly charged local derby.

Stuart Beech, 41, is the defensive co-ordinator for the Surge and in his own words; “I’m the DC and only a back-up because I’m too old and decrepit to play nowadays”.

DC Stuart Beech courtesy of Sophie Robinson Sports Photography.

His playing days may now be behind him but he is still hopeful of a successful campaign for the Surge.

“This year our aim to create a solid foundation to build on for the coming years. Too many years now the Surge has been thought of as a ‘pub team’ and behind the times of how a club should be run. We have now sorted out a stable home ground, a functioning committee, proper kit and installed a whole new offence and defence. If we can show an improvement on last season, (on and off the pitch), we will be very happy”.

The Surge have added offensive co-ordinator Gideon Beddows, quarterback/receiver coach Warren Thomas, running back/ special teams co-ordinator Stephen Hindmarsh and linebacker coach Pete Machin to the set-up in the hope this will improve results on the field but also have an impact off the field.

OC Gideon Beddows - courtesy of Sophie Robinson Sports Photography

“Coach Beddows and Thomas have brought with them a more professional approach to the running of the team and the way we are viewed by others and have installed a new offence. Coach Hindmarsh has been with the Surge for many years but now has increased responsibility while coach Machin is a motivational and technically gifted ex-player who we are glad to have back”.

Vital to any team’s chances of success is competition for places as sometimes a small squad of settled players can result in an unhealthy, stale environment but luckily for the Surge that won’t be the case this season.

“Player recruitment has gone well over the past couple of years, half the team has only been playing for three seasons or less and we’ve managed to pick up some really good players along the way. This year we have got four rookies who have shown some great promise and will have a good chance of starting in the first game against Crewe Railroaders.

We have lost players from last season, but I think most teams will have to cope with this problem. The upturn this year is that we have had only one player leave us this year to join another club and we also expect a number of players from the Staffordshire Stallions to come down and do a job for us this year”.

Courtesy Sophie Robinson Sports Photography

Last season did not go to plan for Staffordshire as they only managed to secure two wins in a season they would probably rather forget.

“Last year started out quite well despite some close losses to the Chester Romans and Lancashire Wolverines before dropping off after the visit of the Sheffield Predators. That game, coupled with the losses tot Chester and Shropshire Revolution were our real low points of the season as we didn’t play well nor show any real fight. Thankfully we did show some spirit in the away game at the Revolution and at home to the Lincolnshire Bombers”.

Returning to the current season’s fortunes, coach Beech has highlighted the Surge’s main players ahead of the new campaign with receiver Lewis Bayley, defensive end Phil Wright and linebacker Mike Cooke receiving plenty of praise.

“Stallions go-to-man Lewis Bayley has good size, speed and hands. He was the offensive player of the year last season and I don’t see no reason why that would change with the new offence we are running this season. Wright is raw talent that ran riot last year in his rookie season and he is showing even more promise this season. Cooke had to miss half the last season but still impressed in the games he did play in, he is a tackling machine and has a cracking technique”.

When asked who he was least looking forward to playing this season, coach Beech held nothing back; “Sheffield because I despise the ‘double-wing’, it’s a horrible offence to play against and watch”.

Staffordshire Surge VS Crewe Railroaders – 22/4/2012

Longton Rugby Club, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 8GR

Kick Off 14:30PM

Richard Adiyia Interview

2 03 2012

America is the birthplace of this great sport we play and to grace any sort of pitch over there would be a dream come true. One GB Youth running back has done exactly that, but unfortunately for him, he now resides in Stoke-on-Trent.

Richard Adiyia, 18, currently plays for the Staffordshire Stallions in BUAFL; something nobody would have wished or hoped for after growing up in Philadelphia, USA.

Richard Adiyia

“I first played football when I was 8 years old in a Pee-wee league for a team called Crispin, across the pond in Philadelphia. I only played one season for them, because the year after my mum decided to move us to England”.

Richard and his family eventually settled in Leicestershire meaning football had to take a back seat for a while;

“Despite being in the UK where the recognition for the sport was not great at the time, I still wanted to carry on playing football but being told I was too young to play was hard. I decided to change my sporting path and turned to athletics”.

Thankfully athletics didn’t keep this talent from us for too long as Richard represented the Lincolnshire Bombers during the summer before joining up with the Stallions in September.

Game MVP in pre-season contest vs Crewe Railroaders

Averaging 4.7 yards per carry, Adiyia’s rookie season has personally been a successful one, even if his team has struggled in the harsh climate of the Midland Athletic Conference.

“It definitely hasn’t been the season I wanted it to be with some tough losses and wanting more yards and trips into the end zone, but I have still done well. We have one more game to go and I’m definitely looking for some big runs and the win”.

Adiyia heard about the GB Youth trials after fellow Stallions Moses Ogundeji and Julian Myles attended the senior event in Doncaster.

“With Julian and Moses going along to the senior trials, it influenced me to represent the Stallions at the junior trials. I also felt the need to prove to myself, I can do what I put mind to with some hard work and determination”.

Adiyia dominated the trials but only received confirmation of his selection recently.

“We had combine style tests such as the 40 yard dash and I posted the fastest times in my group for all 3 tests. We were assigned to our positional coaches where we did more drills and paired up with the linebackers for some contact. Finally we finished with a scrimmage, running the plays that were given to us in an earlier meeting.

Richard Adiyia versus Crewe Railroaders

I was checking my emails constantly after the trials, once they sent the email I didn’t even want to open it, I felt that nervous. When I eventually read that I was selected for the program I was elated, it felt like all the hard work and  preparation before the trials had paid off”.

Having been selected, Richard cannot wait to represent the Great Britain Youth team in Italy next season.

“Now that I have been selected I have to go to three training sessions in March, May and August. The session in August is the travelling squad selection practice, where they chose the game day team to travel to Italy to qualify for the 2013 European Junior Championships.

To get on that plane and represent the country would definitely be a once in a lifetime experience”.

FightForTheYard wishes Richard and the entire Great British Youth team the best of luck in the coming months.

BAFANL 2012 Fixtures

25 02 2012

The BAFANL 2012 fixture list was announced yesterday, throwing up some tasty looking matches.

The current BritBowl Champions London Blitz, open their 2012 campaign away at the Ipswich Cardinals after the Farnham Knights announced their intention to sit out this season, with the intention of re-joining in 2013.

Vernon Kay and his London Warriors will meet the Blitz in a re-run of their BritBowl showdown in May, with the hosts looking for a better result than the 18-0 loss they suffered in September.

Only 50 days till the big kick-off, bring it on!

Premier North

date kickoff home away
15/04/2012 14:30 Doncaster Mustangs East Kilbride Pirates
22/04/2012 14:30 Leicester Falcons Yorkshire Rams
28/04/2012 16:00 Birmingham Bulls East Kilbride Pirates
29/04/2012 15:00 Tamworth Phoenix Doncaster Mustangs
06/05/2012 14:30 Birmingham Bulls Yorkshire Rams
06/05/2012 15:00 Tamworth Phoenix East Kilbride Pirates
13/05/2012 14:30 Birmingham Bulls Leicester Falcons
13/05/2012 14:30 Yorkshire Rams Tamworth Phoenix
20/05/2012 14:30 Doncaster Mustangs Leicester Falcons
20/05/2012 16:00 East Kilbride Pirates Tamworth Phoenix
27/05/2012 14:30 Doncaster Mustangs Yorkshire Rams
02/06/2012 16:00 Yorkshire Rams Birmingham Bulls
09/06/2012 14:30 Yorkshire Rams East Kilbride Pirates
09/06/2012 14:30 Birmingham Bulls Tamworth Phoenix
09/06/2012 16:00 Leicester Falcons Doncaster Mustangs
17/06/2012 14:30 Doncaster Mustangs Birmingham Bulls
17/06/2012 16:00 Leicester Falcons Tamworth Phoenix
24/06/2012 12:00 East Kilbride Pirates Leicester Falcons
24/06/2012 14:30 Yorkshire Rams Doncaster Mustangs
24/06/2012 15:00 Tamworth Phoenix Birmingham Bulls
08/07/2012 14:30 Tamworth Phoenix Yorkshire Rams
08/07/2012 14:30 Birmingham Bulls Doncaster Mustangs
08/07/2012 16:00 Leicester Falcons East Kilbride Pirates
14/07/2012 15:00 Tamworth Phoenix Leicester Falcons
14/07/2012 18:00 East Kilbride Pirates Birmingham Bulls
22/07/2012 14:30 East Kilbride Pirates Doncaster Mustangs
22/07/2012 14:30 Yorkshire Rams Leicester Falcons
28/07/2012 16:00 Leicester Falcons Birmingham Bulls
28/07/2012 17:00 East Kilbride Pirates Yorkshire Rams
29/07/2012 14:30 Doncaster Mustangs Tamworth Phoenix

Premier South

date kickoff home away
15/04/2012 14:30 Bristol Aztecs Ipswich Cardinals
15/04/2012 14:30 London Olympians Farnham Knights
21/04/2012 12:00 Farnham Knights London Olympians
22/04/2012 14:30 Ipswich Cardinals London Warriors
29/04/2012 12:00 London Blitz Farnham Knights
29/04/2012 14:30 London Olympians Ipswich Cardinals
29/04/2012 15:00 London Warriors Bristol Aztecs
05/05/2012 12:00 Farnham Knights Bristol Aztecs
06/05/2012 14:30 London Olympians London Warriors
13/05/2012 14:30 Ipswich Cardinals London Blitz
13/05/2012 15:00 London Warriors Farnham Knights
20/05/2012 15:00 London Blitz London Warriors
27/05/2012 14:30 Bristol Aztecs Farnham Knights
03/06/2012 14:30 London Warriors London Olympians
03/06/2012 15:00 London Blitz Ipswich Cardinals
09/06/2012 12:00 Farnham Knights London Warriors
10/06/2012 15:00 Bristol Aztecs London Blitz
17/06/2012 14:30 Ipswich Cardinals Bristol Aztecs
17/06/2012 14:30 London Olympians London Blitz
24/06/2012 15:00 London Warriors Ipswich Cardinals
24/06/2012 15:00 London Blitz Bristol Aztecs
07/07/2012 14:30 London Blitz London Olympians
08/07/2012 14:30 Bristol Aztecs London Warriors
15/07/2012 14:30 Bristol Aztecs London Olympians
15/07/2012 14:30 Farnham Knights Ipswich Cardinals
15/07/2012 15:00 London Warriors London Blitz
21/07/2012 17:00 Ipswich Cardinals Farnham Knights
22/07/2012 14:30 London Olympians Bristol Aztecs
29/07/2012 14:30 Farnham Knights London Blitz
29/07/2012 14:30 Ipswich Cardinals London Olympians

Division One Central & South

date kickoff home away
15/04/2012 14:30 Cambridgeshire Cats Sussex Thunder
15/04/2012 15:00 Hampshire Thrashers Kent Exiles
21/04/2012 15:00 Hampshire Thrashers Berkshire Renegades
22/04/2012 14:30 East Kent Mavericks Kent Exiles
28/04/2012 14:30 Berkshire Renegades Cambridgeshire Cats
28/04/2012 18:00 South Wales Warriors Hampshire Thrashers
29/04/2012 14:30 East Kent Mavericks Sussex Thunder
06/05/2012 12:00 Kent Exiles Essex Spartans
06/05/2012 14:30 Berkshire Renegades South Wales Warriors
12/05/2012 14:30 Cambridgeshire Cats East Kent Mavericks
13/05/2012 14:30 Essex Spartans Hampshire Thrashers
20/05/2012 12:00 Kent Exiles Cambridgeshire Cats
20/05/2012 14:30 Essex Spartans Sussex Thunder
20/05/2012 14:30 East Kent Mavericks Berkshire Renegades
26/05/2012 14:30 South Wales Warriors Kent Exiles
27/05/2012 14:30 Sussex Thunder East Kent Mavericks
27/05/2012 15:00 Hampshire Thrashers Essex Spartans
02/06/2012 18:00 Sussex Thunder South Wales Warriors
03/06/2012 12:00 Kent Exiles Hampshire Thrashers
03/06/2012 14:30 Cambridgeshire Cats Berkshire Renegades
10/06/2012 14:30 Sussex Thunder Cambridgeshire Cats
10/06/2012 14:30 Kent Exiles Berkshire Renegades
10/06/2012 14:30 Essex Spartans East Kent Mavericks
10/06/2012 15:00 Hampshire Thrashers South Wales Warriors
16/06/2012 14:30 South Wales Warriors Essex Spartans
17/06/2012 12:00 Kent Exiles Sussex Thunder
17/06/2012 14:30 East Kent Mavericks Hampshire Thrashers
23/06/2012 14:30 Cambridgeshire Cats South Wales Warriors
24/06/2012 14:30 Sussex Thunder Berkshire Renegades
01/07/2012 14:30 Sussex Thunder Hampshire Thrashers
07/07/2012 12:00 Berkshire Renegades Essex Spartans
07/07/2012 15:00 South Wales Warriors East Kent Mavericks
07/07/2012 15:00 Hampshire Thrashers Cambridgeshire Cats
08/07/2012 14:30 Essex Spartans Kent Exiles
14/07/2012 15:00 East Kent Mavericks South Wales Warriors
15/07/2012 12:00 Berkshire Renegades Kent Exiles
22/07/2012 15:00 Cambridgeshire Cats Essex Spartans
28/07/2012 18:00 South Wales Warriors Sussex Thunder
29/07/2012 14:30 Berkshire Renegades East Kent Mavericks
29/07/2012 14:30 Essex Spartans Cambridgeshire Cats

Division One North

date kickoff home away
15/04/2012 15:00 Nottingham Ceasars Coventry Jets
15/04/2012 15:00 Gateshead Senators Lancashire Wolverines
22/04/2012 13:00 Merseyside Nighthawks Nottingham Ceasars
22/04/2012 15:00 Coventry Jets West Coast Trojans
28/04/2012 14:30 Shropshire Revolution Coventry Jets
29/04/2012 14:30 Nottingham Ceasars Lancashire Wolverines
06/05/2012 13:00 Merseyside Nighthawks Nottingham Ceasars
06/05/2012 15:00 Coventry Jets Lancashire Wolverines
06/05/2012 15:00 Gateshead Senators Shropshire Revolution
13/05/2012 13:00 Merseyside Nighthawks Gateshead Senators
20/05/2012 14:30 Nottingham Ceasars West Coast Trojans
20/05/2012 14:30 Shropshire Revolution Merseyside Nighthawks
26/05/2012 15:00 Lancashire Wolverines Shropshire Revolution
26/05/2012 15:00 Coventry Jets Nottingham Ceasars
27/05/2012 14:30 West Coast Trojans Gateshead Senators
02/06/2012 14:30 Gateshead Senators Coventry Jets
03/06/2012 14:30 Nottingham Ceasars Shropshire Revolution
10/06/2012 13:00 Merseyside Nighthawks Lancashire Wolverines
10/06/2012 14:30 Shropshire Revolution Nottingham Ceasars
10/06/2012 15:00 Gateshead Senators West Coast Trojans
17/06/2012 14:30 West Coast Trojans Merseyside Nighthawks
17/06/2012 14:30 Nottingham Ceasars Gateshead Senators
17/06/2012 15:00 Lancashire Wolverines Coventry Jets
24/06/2012 15:00 Coventry Jets Merseyside Nighthawks
24/06/2012 15:00 Lancashire Wolverines Gateshead Senators
24/06/2012 16:00 West Coast Trojans Shropshire Revolution
07/07/2012 13:00 Merseyside Nighthawks West Coast Trojans
08/07/2012 14:30 Shropshire Revolution Lancashire Wolverines
15/07/2012 14:30 Gateshead Senators Merseyside Nighthawks
15/07/2012 14:30 West Coast Trojans Nottingham Ceasars
15/07/2012 15:00 Coventry Jets Shropshire Revolution
21/07/2012 14:30 West Coast Trojans Coventry Jets
22/07/2012 14:30 Shropshire Revolution Gateshead Senators
22/07/2012 15:00 Lancashire Wolverines Merseyside Nighthawks
29/07/2012 14:30 Lancashire Wolverines West Coast Trojans

Division Two Central

date kickoff home away
14/04/2012 14:30 Lincolnshire Bombers D C Presidents
21/04/2012 14:30 Lincolnshire Bombers Chester Romans
22/04/2012 14:30 Staffordshire Surge Crewe Railroaders
29/04/2012 14:30 Crewe Railroaders Lincolnshire Bombers
29/04/2012 16:00 Chester Romans D C Presidents
05/05/2012 15:00 Manchester Titans Crewe Railroaders
06/05/2012 14:30 Staffordshire Surge Sheffield Predators
12/05/2012 14:30 Lincolnshire Bombers Crewe Railroaders
13/05/2012 14:30 Sheffield Predators Staffordshire Surge
19/05/2012 12:00 Chester Romans Crewe Railroaders
20/05/2012 14:30 Sheffield Predators Lincolnshire Bombers
20/05/2012 14:30 D C Presidents Manchester Titans
26/05/2012 14:30 Crewe Railroaders Manchester Titans
27/05/2012 14:30 Chester Romans Lincolnshire Bombers
27/05/2012 14:30 D C Presidents Staffordshire Surge
02/06/2012 14:30 Sheffield Predators Manchester Titans
03/06/2012 14:30 Crewe Railroaders Chester Romans
09/06/2012 16:00 D C Presidents Crewe Railroaders
10/06/2012 14:30 Lincolnshire Bombers Sheffield Predators
16/06/2012 14:30 Staffordshire Surge Chester Romans
16/06/2012 16:00 D C Presidents Sheffield Predators
17/06/2012 14:30 Lincolnshire Bombers Manchester Titans
23/06/2012 14:30 Manchester Titans Chester Romans
24/06/2012 14:30 Staffordshire Surge Lincolnshire Bombers
24/06/2012 14:30 Sheffield Predators D C Presidents
07/07/2012 15:00 Manchester Titans Staffordshire Surge
08/07/2012 14:30 Chester Romans D C Presidents
15/07/2012 14:30 Sheffield Predators Chester Romans
15/07/2012 14:30 Staffordshire Surge Manchester Titans
22/07/2012 14:30 Crewe Railroaders Staffordshire Surge
22/07/2012 14:30 D C Presidents Lincolnshire Bombers
22/07/2012 15:00 Manchester Titans Sheffield Predators
29/07/2012 14:30 Crewe Railroaders Sheffield Predators
29/07/2012 14:30 Chester Romans Staffordshire Surge
29/07/2012 15:00 Manchester Titans D C Presidents

Division Two East

date kickoff home away
14/04/2012 12:00 Bedfordshire Blue Raiders Peterborough Saxons
14/04/2012 14:30 Milton Keynes Pathfinders Colchester Gladiators
15/04/2012 14:30 Maidstone Pumas Watford Cheetahs
21/04/2012 15:00 Watford Cheetahs Colchester Gladiators
22/04/2012 14:30 Maidstone Pumas Milton Keynes Pathfinders
06/05/2012 12:00 Bedfordshire Blue Raiders Watford Cheetahs
06/05/2012 14:30 Maidstone Pumas Colchester Gladiators
06/05/2012 14:30 Peterborough Saxons Milton Keynes Pathfinders
13/05/2012 14:30 Milton Keynes Pathfinders Peterborough Saxons
13/05/2012 14:30 Maidstone Pumas Bedfordshire Blue Raiders
20/05/2012 14:30 Colchester Gladiators Bedfordshire Blue Raiders
26/05/2012 14:30 Colchester Gladiators Maidstone Pumas
27/05/2012 14:30 Milton Keynes Pathfinders Watford Cheetahs
02/06/2012 12:00 Bedfordshire Blue Raiders Maidstone Pumas
03/06/2012 14:30 Watford Cheetahs Peterborough Saxons
10/06/2012 14:30 Colchester Gladiators Milton Keynes Pathfinders
16/06/2012 14:30 Peterborough Saxons Bedfordshire Blue Raiders
23/06/2012 14:30 Milton Keynes Pathfinders Maidstone Pumas
23/06/2012 14:30 Peterborough Saxons Watford Cheetahs
24/06/2012 12:00 Bedfordshire Blue Raiders Colchester Gladiators
07/07/2012 14:30 Peterborough Saxons Colchester Gladiators
07/07/2012 16:00 Watford Cheetahs Milton Keynes Pathfinders
14/07/2012 12:00 Bedfordshire Blue Raiders Milton Keynes Pathfinders
15/07/2012 14:30 Colchester Gladiators Peterborough Saxons
15/07/2012 14:30 Watford Cheetahs Maidstone Pumas
21/07/2012 14:30 Colchester Gladiators Watford Cheetahs
21/07/2012 14:30 Milton Keynes Pathfinders Bedfordshire Blue Raiders
22/07/2012 14:30 Maidstone Pumas Peterborough Saxons
28/07/2012 14:30 Peterborough Saxons Maidstone Pumas
29/07/2012 14:30 Watford Cheetahs Bedfordshire Blue Raiders

Division Two North

date kickoff home away
15/04/2012 14:30 Dundee Hurricanes Carlisle Border Reivers
15/04/2012 15:30 Glasgow Tigers Clyde Valley Blackhawks
22/04/2012 14:30 Carlisle Border Reivers Clyde Valley Blackhawks
28/04/2012 14:30 Dundee Hurricanes Highland Wildcats
29/04/2012 14:30 Edinburgh Wolves Carlisle Border Reivers
29/04/2012 14:30 Clyde Valley Blackhawks Glasgow Tigers
06/05/2012 14:30 Clyde Valley Blackhawks Highland Wildcats
06/05/2012 14:30 Glasgow Tigers Edinburgh Wolves
13/05/2012 14:30 Carlisle Border Reivers Dundee Hurricanes
13/05/2012 14:30 Highland Wildcats Edinburgh Wolves
20/05/2012 14:30 Highland Wildcats Clyde Valley Blackhawks
20/05/2012 14:30 Carlisle Border Reivers Glasgow Tigers
26/05/2012 14:30 Edinburgh Wolves Dundee Hurricanes
27/05/2012 14:30 Glasgow Tigers Highland Wildcats
03/06/2012 14:30 Clyde Valley Blackhawks Dundee Hurricanes
03/06/2012 14:30 Edinburgh Wolves Glasgow Tigers
10/06/2012 14:30 Highland Wildcats Carlisle Border Reivers
10/06/2012 14:30 Dundee Hurricanes Clyde Valley Blackhawks
16/06/2012 14:30 Clyde Valley Blackhawks Edinburgh Wolves
17/06/2012 14:30 Carlisle Border Reivers Highland Wildcats
17/06/2012 15:00 Glasgow Tigers Dundee Hurricanes
24/06/2012 14:30 Clyde Valley Blackhawks Carlisle Border Reivers
08/07/2012 14:30 Dundee Hurricanes Edinburgh Wolves
08/07/2012 14:30 Glasgow Tigers Carlisle Border Reivers
14/07/2012 14:30 Edinburgh Wolves Clyde Valley Blackhawks
15/07/2012 14:30 Highland Wildcats Dundee Hurricanes
21/07/2012 14:30 Dundee Hurricanes Glasgow Tigers
22/07/2012 14:30 Edinburgh Wolves Highland Wildcats
29/07/2012 14:30 Carlisle Border Reivers Edinburgh Wolves
29/07/2012 14:30 Highland Wildcats Glasgow Tigers

Division Two West

date kickoff home away
14/04/2012 14:30 Gloucester Centurions Bristol Apache
21/04/2012 14:30 Bournemouth Bobcats Cornish Sharks
28/04/2012 14:30 Bournemouth Bobcats Gloucester Centurions
05/05/2012 14:30 Bristol Apache Oxford Saints
05/05/2012 14:30 Cornish Sharks Gloucester Centurions
12/05/2012 14:30 Gloucester Centurions Cornish Sharks
19/05/2012 14:30 Bristol Apache Bournemouth Bobcats
20/05/2012 14:30 Oxford Saints Gloucester Centurions
26/05/2012 14:30 Cornish Sharks Bournemouth Bobcats
27/05/2012 14:30 Oxford Saints Bristol Apache
02/06/2012 14:30 Bristol Apache Gloucester Centurions
03/06/2012 14:30 Oxford Saints Cornish Sharks
09/06/2012 14:30 Bristol Apache Cornish Sharks
17/06/2012 14:30 Bournemouth Bobcats Oxford Saints
23/06/2012 14:30 Cornish Sharks Gloucester Centurions
24/06/2012 14:30 Oxford Saints Bournemouth Bobcats
30/06/2012 14:30 Cornish Sharks Bristol Apache
07/07/2012 14:30 Bournemouth Bobcats Bristol Apache
07/07/2012 14:30 Oxford Saints Cornish Sharks
14/07/2012 14:30 Bristol Apache Oxford Saints
15/07/2012 14:30 Gloucester Centurions Bournemouth Bobcats
21/07/2012 14:30 Cornish Sharks Bournemouth Bobcats
22/07/2012 14:30 Gloucester Centurions Oxford Saints
28/07/2012 14:30 Bournemouth Bobcats Oxford Saints
28/07/2012 14:30 Gloucester Centurions Bristol Apache